Dank Zine Issue 50

Dank Zine Issue 50

Issue 50 of Dank Zine

Rygar Glory! - A new book will celebrate this old school game and its glory days of yore when you spent hours playing games like Rygar—and even fonder memories from those times can now be made by reading about them too (get ready). Author Brian Riggsbee says "Rygar holds an especially dear spot" for him personally, because there was one version he played as a kid which had such a lasting impact. The original NES version that brings happy childhood moments back to mind every time they play today.

The Retro Pals - The Retro Pals is a show about the wonderful world of retro video games. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hosts Danny and Alex test their matrimonial bond with obscure consoles, while showcasing strange game titles for your viewing pleasure!

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